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This major university was using Case Studies across their online classes to specifically train their students in contextualizing their learning from these case-personas.  The current version used followed the structure of baseball cards, being not adopted by all instructors since it focused on the personas as problems.   The challenge was to understand how the old version was or why not was being used, propose a more interactive and exclusive interface for each case studies and finally iterate as it would evolve utilizing the AEIOU framework.

Clients use 'personas' to portray the needs and wants, contextualizing and giving life to the experience.


Responsibilities: Research and discovery, feature planning, information architecture, wireframing, research, brainstorming, stakeholder interviews, prototype creation, usability testing, data gathering.


One major issue was the fact of instructor and instructional designers did not know the potential of the platform and had no knowledge of the concept that "less is more" in a webpage.  After showing the stakeholder the capabilities of using patterns and revamping the interaction by embedding videos and utilizing UDL (Universal Design for Learning),  the new interface intend to  allow for a smoother experience for the students, clarity of expectations, and diminish the number of inquiries sent to program coordinator.


Case Studies are specifically effective when capturing the ethnography of groups and utilized in learning.


Clients use like 'personas' to portray the needs and wants of their consumers.





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